We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver premium services that maximise the value of your facility.


Facilities Management

At Australis Facilities Management we work collaboratively with our clients to deliver premium services that maximise the value of your facility. We listen to understand your needs, identify how best to achieve them, and in the process develop a safer, greener, more efficient and well-managed facility with a view to providing greater profitability and increased longevity.

We continue to deliver results for client environments that include:

  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Justice and Correctional
  • Education
  • Health
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Transport
  • Residential

Our success is attributed to our processes which ensure that from our first communication we understand your needs and strategise a solution to meet and surpass your expectations. We can help you manage your property portfolio, worksites, buildings and fixed assets in a variety of ways, tailored to your specific needs, to enable you to focus on your core business.

Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations Organisations that outsource their facilities management services to Australis know that we manage their facilities as if they are our own. We provide more than just a Building Manager. We provide a team of experts to maximise the daily operation of your property, always with the knowledge that we are achieving the corporate objectives of our clients. We provide strategic solutions in addition to day to day reactive management so that you can achieve your financial and corporate objectives and satisfy ALL your stakeholders in the process. This is done through:

  1. The provision of people and systems of management to operate your site
  2. The implementation of cutting edge facilities tools to aid in the retention of knowledge, records and history for your property
  3. Input from our support team of strategic facilities management, facilities consultants and engineering support at all times.

As an additional option we can manage both the Facilities and Property Management of your assets. Together with our property management partners Commercial Portfolio Management we can offer the full cycle of facilities and real estate and lease management services.

Facilities Operational Support

The debate to outsource or insource facilities management shifts and changes over time with the dynamic financial and cultural needs of an organisation. At various stages in the life of an organisation the skill base and knowledge is lost and as a result the efficacy of facilities management is compromised.

Australis has developed a method of allowing your organisation to have the benefit of in-house facilities managers PLUS a support network of strategic facilities management, facilities consultants and engineering support so that continuity and development can occur. We call this OPERATIONAL SUPPORT.

Operational Support enables us to improve your processes whilst allowing you to maintain ownership of the management process. It is designed to relive in-house management, who are often bogged down in the delivery of the day to day reactive response, so they can focus on the long term and proactive processes required to elevate facilities management systems to the next level. Typical support activities range from:

  1. Assistance with management of certification items
  2. Management of maintenance management systems, records and budgets
  3. Contract market testing
  4. Managing works backlog
  5. Project management
  6. Facilities management training
  7. Developing and managing capital plans
  8. Managing utilities
  9. Developing processes to retain knowledge
  10. Providing additional resources to assist with leave requirements
  11. Provision of technical skills where there is a gap in the knowledge base.

Our resources can serve:

  1. In-house teams in completing long outstanding items
  2. As an engineering support for field Facilities Managers with limited time
  3. As a supervisory role between business management and facilities management to ensure the two departments are in synergy to achieve the company’s overall corporate objectives.

Facilities Management Consulting

Facilities Management Consulting Australis Facilities Management can provide facilities management solutions to reduce costs and minimise your global footprint through an integrated facilities management approach that will achieve your corporate objectives. Our team consists of highly accredited experts in this field and as such are often sought out to offer their expertise to existing, in-house teams or organisations. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry we can assist in any aspect of facilities management. Our consulting services include:

  • Development of Strategic Asset Management Plans
  • Facilities Management Audits
  • Maintenance Management Systems
  • Asset Registers
  • Procurement
  • Development of Maintenance Plans
  • Relocation and Restructure Strategies
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Development of Work Health and Safety Systems
  • Disaster Recovery Management
  • Disaster Recover and Mitigation Planning
  • Development of Staff Training Programs
  • Development of Organisation Relocation Strategy and Implementation
  • Engineering Services Project Management
  • Fitouts and Construction Mgt
  • Make Good Assessments
  • Technical Due Diligence


Development of Strategic Asset Management Plans

Organisations that thrive have a clear understanding and working model of the interaction between:

  • the business;
  • its assets that keep the business functioning;
  • the people who operate the business and use the assets; and
  • the long term requirements to keep these three important elements connected.

The development of a Facilities Management Plan is at the core of this model which in turn provides the platform from which your business can succeed.


Facilities Management Audits

Facilities Management Audits Facilities management audits review the performance of the facilities management services through all facets of management. It examines:

  • Management performance
  • Contractor performance
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Financial performance
  • Operational performance.

A detailed report will reveal areas for improvement as well as identify areas of strength for the development of a strategy designed to enhance the operation of your facilities management operation.



Maintenance Management Systems

Maintenance Management System Maintenance management systems are crucial in the management of any asset. With the many responsibilities and sometimes limited resources a Building or Facilities Manager has to bear, tasks can be overlooked. Maintenance management systems provide a thorough and structured approach to these tasks – tracking and monitoring calls, work orders, preventative maintenance and records management. They are a key factor in ensuring work health and safety tasks are managed, and compliance tasks are not overlooked. They are an integral component of any facilities management strategy as they effectively drive the entire operation. Maintenance management systems can provide continuity to your asset, providing a history of works undertaken, progress reports and information that can be analysed and interpreted for its successful ongoing operation and management. It serves as a functional platform from which augmentation to plant and equipment can be made to meet the needs of key stakeholders.


Asset Registers

Asset registers are crucial in understanding the organisation’s short and long term expenditure on maintenance and compliance. Without a register of assets, the quantum of maintenance is unknown; the long-term organisational costs for asset replacement cannot be established; and crucial tax depreciation schedules cannot be effectively derived to maximise balance sheet write downs. Asset registers are essential for the development of maintenance and compliance schedules.



Many organisations undertake testing of the market in an informal manner which leads them to scrutiny and unwelcome attention in the media. Others test the market without understanding the process or the work required. Procurement is a specialised field which needs contracting experience as well as personnel familiar with the service to be delivered. Australis has a clear understanding of this process including:

  • The requirements of contract terms and conditions to keep you safe through the entire tender and contract process
  • The ability to get the best deal on a financial level
  • Matching the business with the right type of contractor.

Procurement projects range from single service contracts to complex multi-service national contracts and can be comprehensive, risk reward, reimbursable work limit, or preventative with additional risk incentives.
Development of Maintenance Plans

Development of Maintenance Plans

In a recent review of all the Australian Legislation, regulations, acts and codes of practices, Australis found that most organisations and contractors are falling below their compliance requirements to maintain plant and equipment. Many professionals and contractors struggle to understand their requirements for maintenance and finance it. Australis can identify methods to ensure building performance, finances and compliance are provided in a manner to suit each individual organisation.


Relocation and Restructure Strategies

Relocation and Restructure Strategies

The relocation or restructure of an organisation is driven by the need to manage growth, downsize or curtail costs. The assets and organisation’s stakeholders are the two most important factors in ensuring the success of any business. So it is important that during this process the ease of getting staff to work, proximity of product, markets and stakeholders, and legislative requirements are considered. A single mismatch in any of these factors can drastically impact the profitability of the organisation and its morale. Australis can work with you to ensure that these factors are addressed and incorporated into the vision of your organisation to achieve objectives now and into the future.


Life Cycle Costing

The requirements to replace assets are rarely made a priority by management and little is done to establish a fighting fund for future asset redundancy, be it asset failure or technical obsolescence.

Life cycle costing is wrongly viewed as a cost rather than a benefit. However, asset renewals can lead to an improvement in production and a minimisation in maintenance. Over the long term it is inevitable that a piece of plant will fail due to age, no matter how much maintenance is done on it.

In some circumstances, parts are not possible to obtain and in others, staff who maintain the plan are no longer in the workforce and repair knowledge is lost. The long term success of a business can be enhanced with the development of a plan which identifies when plant will become redundant and how costs can be factored for future replacement. Additionally it has been shown that there are more tax benefits to owning and depreciating assets rather than leasing them. Typically, organisations depreciate assets based on tax tables as it is costly to undertake life cycle planning. However, with a cleverly crafted life cycle plan that identifies each asset’s life and replacement cost, a true and realistic tax plan can be established.


Development of Work Health and Safety Systems

Development of Work Health and Safety Systems Management of risks at the workplace are a requirement under the Work Health and Safety Act. Australis has developed a comprehensive and practical system which identifies all the risks in the Act and the means to control them. Our team can produce detailed customised manuals to fit in with your industry’s requirements. These manuals function as a tool for processes and procedures to be continually monitored and updated for the ongoing safety of your key stakeholders. This includes:

  • A hazard register with traceable risk and likelihood values
  • An inspection regime
  • Site specific inductions and
  • Various other forms which meet the needs of the Act.


Disaster Recovery Management

Disaster Recovery Management

It is inevitable that some assets will fail over time. Australis has extensive experience in managing organisations through various failure scenarios to enable businesses to re-establish themselves as quickly as possible. Our Disaster Recovery Management plans identify how the business is impacted and what can be done to minimise disruption. Australis’ experience in:

  • Habitation
  • Occupancy certificate withdrawal
  • Management of business processes to the gap between insured and non-insured events can guide you through an otherwise painful process.



Disaster Recovery Management

Disaster Recover and Mitigation Planning

Plan to Fail rather than fail to plan. Our team has extensive experience in planning ahead, assessing all the risks and effectively anticipating what can arise from these risks. A risk analysis of your organisation is undertaken and a disaster recovery and mitigation strategy is developed to train your staff on how the organisation wants to work in a time of crisis. These plans identify the major failure scenarios and how the risks can be mitigated; and if this is not possible the recovery plans to be enacted at a basic level. This means that when things start to go wrong forethought and planning has already occurred, saving valuable time and resources at a critical time and minimising knee-jerk decisions.



Development of Staff Training Programs

Development of Staff Training Programs

Facilities management training across Australia focuses on Training Strategy, procurement and management. Very little time is devoted to training the key components of how a building actually functions – electrical, hydraulics, mechanical and building services. Australis understands that to effectively manage a building you must have a clear understanding of how the building services function. This, together with procurement and management ensures that we take on a wholistic approach that encompasses people and assets.



Engineering Services Project Management

The core of Australis’ team is skilled in building services with many of the senior staff being qualified engineers who specialise in operational management and maintenance. This provides us as a cost effective solution for the coordination and design of projects for our clients. We not only understand your project needs but are committed to seeing them through. A failure in design or construction, or a lack of documentation can have major repercussions on both a financial and performance level. Our engineering experience means we can detect problematic areas others may miss during these early stages, circumventing costly remediations.


Fitouts and Construction Management

As managers of facilities we have undertaken a significant amount of fit out and churn work from internal relocations to relocation of property. Our in-house design team can design, tender and project manage any fitout. Our in-house construction team can provide cost effective construction costs whilst being flexible enough to change tact midstream to meet the build requirements of businesses in the current financial environment.


Make Good Assessments

Make Good Assessments Many building owners complain that make good assessments rarely meet the needs in the real cost of completing the work. Conversely tenants complain that costs are overpriced and are little more than a grab for cash. Australis has developed a system whereby a compromise is achieved by both parties for the realistic attainment of the works through an open book scott schedule. Consequently, we have successfully minimised the frequency of legal proceedings and consultancy costs for both parties.



Technical Due Diligence

“Caveat Emptor”, meaning buyer beware, is one of the most important facets of making a decision to spend millions purchasing a commercial asset. Just as most people seek an NRMA inspection on the purchase of a vehicle, the importance of a health check on the purchase of a building cannot be underestimated. Facilities managers are the best qualified people to identify the functionality and condition of a building, as we are continuously aware of the environment in what the building exists. At Australis we use our experience of the services and assets, how they function, their life cycle and maintenance condition to conduct a Technical Due Diligence. We also incorporate the current regimes of adherence to regulations and management practices to ensure compliance is addressed from the outset for a thorough technical due diligence process.