Creating synergies between the natural and built environments.



Creating synergies between the natural and built environments

Australis Facilities Management actively works to strengthen the synergy between the built and natural environments for enduring sustainability practices that minimise your environmental footprint, whilst reducing costs.

From its inception, Australis Facilities Management has incorporated sustainability into its services and operation and extended that to clients looking for methods to minimise their environmental footprint. Our team consists of professionals who have won awards for their work in energy efficiency.

Australis Facilities Management takes an integrated approach to sustainability looking for practices that complement our clients’ business and corporate objectives. We also provide our clients with insights into cost saving sustainability best practices in Facilities Management.

A sustainable approach

Australis Facilities Management can provide consulting services to your organisation and help you realise your commitment to sustainability. Our service starts with a compliance audit and needs analysis. We then develop a comprehensive strategy to implement your Sustainability Plan. Your Sustainability Plan will provide solutions that will make an immediate impact as well as provide a strategy that enables your organisation to reduce its environmental footprint.

Australis Facilities Management can readily implement your Sustainability Action Plan to achieve long-term environmental and cost efficiencies.

Ask us about a Sustainability Plan today:

  • Audits
    • Condition audits
    • Environmental audits
    • Life cycle costings
  • Resources
    • Air
    • Water management
    • Energy management
    • Waste management
    • Greenhouse emissions
  • Green procurement
  • Biodiversity
  • Smart metre analysis

Australis is your partner of choice if you are starting your sustainability journey. We work with companies to undertake audits, needs analysis, and legislative compliance and then build a plan for a green future.

We recognise that sustainability is a journey – not a sprint. By working with Australis we’ll show you how to navigate the right path for your organisation.

Our values

Continue to minimise our environmental footprint and that of our clients in the delivery of our services, using strategic and innovative solutions so that we can contribute to a productive and sustainable built environment.

Our policy