• To provide complete turn-key solutions for Accommodation for 24 Parliament House offices.
  • To inspect, project manage and deliver Parliament house work sites that are safe, compliant, aesthetic in design and cost-effective.


Turnaround time is averaged at 8–10 weeks per site.


$150K per site

Site Inspection

In each inspection the following is determined:

  • Extent of the space
  • Basic condition of the premises
  • Identification of items to be rectified by the building owner prior to fit-out
  • Identification of the adequacy of the site to fulfil the needs of the Parliament
  • Identification of items which will affect the cost of the fit-out
  • A comprehensive report is compiled detailing works required, system fails, repairs and modifications required in the areas of:
    • Fire systems and equipment
    • Electrical and communications
    • Lighting
    • Security
    • Air Conditioning
    • Hazard Pollution Control
    • Hydraulics
    • Environmental features
    • Access & Egress
    • Building and Fit out

Client consultation

  • Creating a work space that reflects the company’s corporate image is essential. To achieve this we liaised with Parliament House to determine colour swatches, furnishings, flooring, etc. for the provision of design options
  • Our in-house team of qualified experts provided advice to assist with matters such as use of space, colour and light, cost-efficient options, and any unique specifications to ensure the workspace was reflective of our client’s core objectives.


  • Specifications outlining the scope of works are developed based on the inspection findings and consultation with Parliament House
  • From this the client is armed with all the necessary information to meet the prospective tenderers, write the tender document and develop a short-list of preferred tenderers.

Quality checks and general process review

  • Australis FM assisted in the development of the Tender and provided advice on preferred Tenderer’s looking at the experience of the company, qualifications of personnel, safe work methods, compliance, etc
  • Checks were made on the tenderers suitability for the respective tasks
  • Checks were also made on the drawings and works to be competed.

Project manage works

  • Australis FM oversaw the entire Project from start to completion, ensuring all activities were compliant, completed on schedule and within budget.

Defects inspection and management

  • At the completion of the works, a thorough defects inspection was conducted to ensure the office is ready for use
  • A checklist report was produced identifying whether the task was complete/incomplete or required improvement.

Office Relocation

  • Australis FM relocated staff and equipment seamlessly to the new site. Works were completed to schedule and within budget with the office fully operational from Day 1.